Second Nature Security – 2NS

Information security is our second nature. Data networks contain a lot of business critical information based on which companies either succeed or fail. Data networks maintain data and activities of society, companies and individuals. That is why it is also an environment that attracts those who want to misuse this information. There is a continuous struggle between good and bad in data networks, and 2NS is at the forefront of the good side.  We provide testing, guidance and training on behalf of verified information security.



Customers especially appreciate our relentless in-depth expertise and clear and flexible way of working that which generates results. Information security doesn’t need to be bureaucracy, it can be direct action. Our operations and growth are based on every customer being satisfied with us.



Second Nature Security or 2NS is an independent and steadily growing Finnish cyber security company. The elements of our operations are uncompromising professional skill and hacker-like expertise guided by satisfied customers. We have conducted over 1,000 successful information security projects and we service over 100 customers in Finland and abroad (including the USA, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Estonia, Latvia).


We help our customers to eliminate information security threats and to develop, verify and administer information security. We do this by working directly in a way that clearly generates value for the customer.