Hack with Espoo – High school students learn white hat hacking

This year the city of Espoo organized a hacking course for the first time for high school students. The course consisted of topics such as white hat hacking, information security and hacker ethics. We at 2NS had the honor to be one of the organizers of the course and our information security experts acted as lecturers in the course.

The popular course allowed students to hack the city’s software, which was being built at the same time. The students reported seven different findings, which related to usability and vulnerabilities.

The course has raised a lot of interest in Finland as well as abroad and it will be renewed in 2019, as the constantly digitalizing world needs skills in information security.

We are happy to announce that 2NS will also be one of the organizers of the 2019 course and we are looking forward to teach the students new skills in white hat hacking!