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Online information security training

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The most common cause of information security vulnerabilities is a mistake made by a staff member. Avoid serious consequences and update your staff’s information security knowledge with our online course. Kyberoppi trains your staff to recognize and avoid common information security risks. Minimise the risks and start the information security training today!

The course is quick and effortless – it can be done whenever suits you best. The Derek IT video series make learning interesting and fun!  Kyberoppi is suitable for organizations of all sizes, and it has been translated into 14 different languages!

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Fast and easy start

Your online learning environment will be ready within 24 hours.

Effective learning sessions

One learning sessions takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

Monitoring and managing development

You get to monitor the employers’ development and learning.

Scaling for companies of all sizes

Whether your company has 1 or 10 000 employees our service can work for you.

Easy-to-use learning environment

Use of the service does not require separate training
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Kyberoppi’s learning environments consist of separate lessons on timely information security topics. Each topic has an entertaining TV-series based video episode, and three multiple-choice questions with explanations given to right and wrong answers. The videos are fun, gripping and are therefore also very educational. The training only takes 10-15 minutes per episode, and the different sections can be completed at your own pace. The employer can monitor the employee’s development through an easy to use admin page.

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With Kyberoppi online training, our customers have been able improve their staff’s understanding of information security risks and provide them with the basic competences to manage them both at work and at home.  The stories presented in the videos are relatable, which starts conversations between colleagues. These discussions have helped organizations to recognize their own security problem areas.

[minti_testimonial author=”Antti Lehvonen, IT-manager” company=”Valio”]Valio started using the Kyberoppi learning environment to increase the information security knowledge of our whole staff. We are happy with the service and it’s functionality.[/minti_testimonial]
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Topics of the first season:

  • Blackmailing malware
  • Using home computer for work
  • Social media
  • Passwords
  • Email security
  • Moving business premises

Topics of the second season:

  • Handling personal details
  • Storage devices
  • Information spying
  • Working in a public place
  • Mobile device security
  • Information security at the office
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If now is the right time for information security training in your organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in contact . You can call us, send us an email or fill in the contact form on this website.

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