The biggest information security risk for a company is its own employees

Inevitably company’s employees handle disclosed information on their work tasks. When dealing with disclosed information, it’s important that the employees understand information security and what are the critical risks for the company. Even though technical controls would be good, they don’t always stop people making mistakes. Even accidentally sending an e-mail to a wrong person can be a security breach. Thus, information security training of personnel is important in order to avoid accidental mistakes.

When the staff is trained for the basics of information security, they are offered the skills to avoid mistakes and they understand their role in protecting the company’s disclosed information. It’s good to teach the employees clearly where data can be handled and how it is handled as securely as possible without it making normal work tasks difficult. The company should offer its employees secure ways to take care of their tasks efficiently.

We have created Cyberstudy-information security training series for employees in order to help companies to train their personnel. In the fictional Derek-IT show you’ll find realistic situations, where the company’s information is leaked and instructions for personnel on how to avoid these type of situations. Derek-IT’s trailer can be watched below:

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