Information security testing and consultancy services

We help our customers develop and verify the security of systems, networks and organizations.



In vulnerability testing we conduct a controlled attack on a target. This provides us with information about the vulnerabilities of your system and applications, as well as any areas needing improvement. The entity is tested with vulnerability scanners and the manual testing of an expert. Getting started requires a relatively small investment.

The analysis of information security is scaled according to need. We help estimate the scope in which an entity should be inspected and we scale our proposal accordingly. We report vulnerabilities, incidences when they have been exploited, and provide recommendations for corrective action. We also help you in carrying out repairs and in verifying and controlling them.

We have conducted more than 1,000 tests of the vulnerability of data systems,

of which 100% have resulted in corrective measures.

We have tested systems, networks and devices:
  • Web services
  • Cloud services
  • Servers, work stations, mobile devices
  • Wireless networks
  • Internal and external networks
  • Networking hardware (firewalls, printers, routers)
  • Mobile applications
How to start?

The simplest way is to just give your web address. We test, report vulnerabilities and provide clear recommendations for repair.

Our customers are thankful for our properly-scaled and cost-efficient service.


We help companies in the development and verification of the information security of practices and processes.

We also help you fulfill the requirements of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Built-in information security

At the start of a project, even a small investment in developing information security is worthwhile. The most common measures to improve information security during the life cycle of software development are:

  • Threat modelling – threats directed at the system and preventing the emergence of vulnerabilities that expose the system to them
  • Review of implementation plan and recommendations for corrective action
  • Review of the computer code of areas that are critical in terms of information security
  • Information security auditing / vulnerability testing of a finished system
  • Evaluation of changes and maintenance of information security level
Management of risks

Data protection involves a normal management of risks with which risks are anticipated at a sufficient level. We provide cost-effective support in considering the following, among others:

  • Why data should be protected
  • What is relevant data
  • What threats are directed at data
  • Locking of data
  • Protection of relevant data

Ask for more information about our clear packages for getting started lightly.


Outsourced information security expert

If it is not worthwhile to maintain the know-how of your own information security expert / resource in your organization, use us. This allows you to get up-to-date expertise cost-effectively and without major investments.


Application of standards

We also support you in the application of any standards. We are very familiar with the following reference frameworks through experience: ISO 27001/2, VAHTI, KATAKRI and COBIT5.

We apply these to the benefit of our customers.