Customers – Trust feels good

We serve customers of many sizes: Software companies, small and large companies, financial institutions and public administration. In addition to providing information security service we want our customers to know that their information security has improved.

All of our customers are genuinely satisfied with us.

Our many years of experience in different industries with functional organizations have provided us

with extensive insight and expertise that benefit our customers.

SATO is one of Finland’s leading housing investment companies. Their work creates the conditions for the growth and development of society.

”2NS is a wonderful partner for sparring on information security challenges and over the years the company has also become part of our information security team. 2NS has been able to generate added value for us with its expertise and ability to adapt.”

Juha Keskitalo, CIO – SATO Oyj

CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd is a non-profit corporation owned by the State and administrated by the Ministry of Education and Culture. CSC maintains and develops centralized information technology infrastructure owned by the State and provides national IT services with that infrastructure.

”I can highly recommend 2NS for both individual technical information security training projects and closer information security partnerships.”

Urpo Kaila , Information Security Director – CSC

Globally growing Finnish global IT company Sympa offers tools for efficient HR management to support business operations.

“Using a third party in developing the information security of our service provides significant added value for both us and our customers. With 2NS we are able to verify our big investments in the quality and security of our service. 2NS is the ideal partner for us.”

Keijo Karjalainen, CEO, Sympa Oy