Our information security services

We help our customers with their technical and administrative information security challenges. We guarantee services that suit your individual needs by placing the diverse expertise of our professionals at your service.

We offer our customers a wide range of information security testing services, such as security audits, penetration testing, red teaming and network scanning.

Our information security experts have diverse expertise in various tests and we always tailor the testing to a package that suits the customer’s needs.

We help our customers with various information security issues related to architecture. We provide security architecture consulting and review, as well as help with cloud services security.

For information security management, we offer a wide range of assistance in the implementation and development of information security management systems, as well as assistance in matters related to the ISO 27001 standard. We also offer the CISO as a service as well as help in matters related to continuity and data protection.

Our training service includes information security training for software developers and personnel.

The software developer training services include training provided by our own information security expert. The training can be used to teach software developers to take information security into account as early as in the design stage of software development.

For the personnel’s information security training, we have created the Cyber Study online course which increases the information security awareness of employees easily and cost-effectively. We have trained more than 100 000 employees in different organisations by means of our online training course.

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