Continuity planning

The availability of information systems and materials is business-critical in almost every industry. To ensure this availability, continuity plans must be in place for all entities. Continuity planning prepares for exceptional circumstances and determines procedures and objectives for the operation and restoring of information systems.

Continuity planning aims to prevent and identify deviations, as well as to respond to exceptional events. It includes both technical and administrative measures to comprehensively address the challenges of continuity. For continuity plans to work in practice, they require effective cooperation between all parties.

Our experts will help your organization create functional and efficient plans, test the plans together with your personnel and review any existing plans. For the creation of plans, we can either implement suitable tools for your organization for the preparation of plans or we can participate in the creation of plans with agreed systems and functions.

Continuity plans must be tested regularly so that the practical functionality can be verified. Our experts can help manage this process or supervise any exercise event you personally implement, and development suggestions can be made on this basis for the development of the plans. In addition to this, our experts can separately review your organizations current plans and compare them with the industry’s best practices while identifying any areas of development.

Does your organization need help with continuity planning?