Information security management system (ISMS)

Information security management system ensures a unified model for the management and implementation of information security. Our security experts can help you find the right model for your organization and help you adapt it to your current operations.

Concerning information security management systems, we can:

  • Provide consultation on the introduction and documentation of a management model
  • Audit the current operations compared to the agreed model
  • Provide guidelines for the introduction of the management model until standardization

By utilizing existing management systems, your company will efficiently have access to information security operating models that have been proven to be the best in the industry. The most common systems are ISO 27001, COBIT5, ITIL and VAHTI guidelines also provide a foundation for management. However, success requires comprehensive understanding about both the organization’s own needs and the best practices of information security. In order to serve various organizations, we offer a comprehensive range of different packages for the different stages of introducing information security management systems.

Information security management systems often consist of various components, including:

  • Information security policy
  • Risk management
  • Information security guidelines
  • Information security incident management
  • Continuity and recovery

Some of these may already be in use in your organization and some may still be missing. Our experts will help you supplement the management model which best suits your organization’s needs. The end result is a functional model adapted to the operating environment.

Does your organization need help with information security management systems?