PRESS RELEASE: Two influential people from the IT industry join the board of 2NS

Two IT industry influencers, Kimmo Rasila and Jari Niska, have joined information security company Second Nature Security Oy as owners and members of the board. Niska also serves on the boards of Solita and Bolt Works, among others, and is the former chairman of Nixu’s board and CEO of Solita. Rasila, on the other hand, sits on the board of Codento and Procomp and is the former chairman of the board of Nixu, Heeros and Sulava.

– Our goal is to grow in a few years to a company with more than 200 employees and to become the most sought-after workplace in Finland. Having top-class talent like Niska and Rasila join our company will help us develop into an even more significant player in the information security industry, says 2NS CEO Mika Holmberg.

Niska and Rasila join the company’s operations with enthusiasm and anticipation.

– I am excited when I get to participate in the development of one of the rising stars of the information security industry again. The importance of the field will increase in the future and, among other things, the European Union’s NIS2 directive will bring increasing requirements for companies’ data security, comments Jari Niska, chairman of the board of 2NS.

– The data security market is still growing at a fast pace. Here too, artificial intelligence and the geopolitical situation act as accelerators in the field of threats and their prevention. Protecting the operations of companies and critical areas of society requires versatile expert knowledge, and this company has that, says 2NS board member Kimmo Rasila.

2NS, which develops the cyber security of companies and communities, has carried out thousands of successful cyber security projects and serves hundreds of customers at home and abroad every year.

At the beginning of the year, 2NS was accepted as a supplier to the NATO BOA program. Participation in the program enables participation in all procurements of NATO and its member countries made through it. Access to the BOA program (Basic Ordering Agreement) required the approval of NATO and the Finnish authorities.

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