Stop security breaches – Five tips on how to keep your passwords safe

Do you suspect that your e-mail or other web service credentials have leaked? There is always reason to doubt it, when you hear news about a new security breach in a service you are using.

Our CTO Juho Ranta made a list of things that help you keep your passwords and data safe as well as possible.

1. Change passwords

Every time you doubt a security breach, change the password immediately.

2. Use a strong password

Don’t use a password that’s easy to guess, for example “password” or “admin”, especially on your work computer. Avoid words that can be understood, use numbers, special characters and capital letters. Make sure that the password is long enough, for example at least 15 characters long and the characters have been chosen randomly.

3. Use a two-factor authenticator

Many cloud-based services offer the option to use two-factor authenticator. This means that along with password, the service will send a code to your phone or to an application, such as google authenticator. If your passwords leak, you can stop unauthorized login with two-factor authenticator.

4. Use different passwords in different services

If one account leaks, then others will be safe, when you are using different passwords in different services. Managing different passwords is easier when you are using a password manager, which allows you to control your passwords of different services with one single password.

5. Never tell your passwords to anyone

Service providers won’t ask your password anywhere else than when you’re logging in to the service. Never give your credentials to outsiders, for example third party services. Consider also which services you register into and whether you give different services access to your social media accounts.