CISO as a service

Nowadays, information security concerns all organizations and all aspects of them. However, it is not justified for every organization to have its own in-house information security expert or manager, in which case it is a good option to outsource the management of information security.

In our CISO as a service, our information security expert works as part of your organization and develops and promotes information security within the organization. The service provides your organization with a professional information security expert who will develop your information security on a full-time basis. If necessary, our entire expert team can operate as background support for the appointed expert, in which case outsourcing provides a wide range of skills.

CISO as a service is suitable for example in the following situations:

  • The organization needs a CISO on a project-term basis
  • The organization does not have the resources to hire its own CISO
  • Due to the large workload, the organization needs an external security expert to help their own CISO
  • The organization has an ongoing security project that requires the help of an external expert

CISO as a service provides the organization with an expert information security officer within the scope of available resources. The service is adapted according to the customer’s individual needs in which case the service can be used, e.g. a few days a week or our information security expert can work at the customer organization on a full-time basis.

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