Information security architecture consulting

Our information security architects help our customers with issues concerning secure architecture designs. We are happy to help when you are developing something completely new and you want to ensure that the information security of the solution is solid. We implement a wide range of architectures for our customers, for both large entities and for smaller solutions, from cloud services to individual solutions, such as application solutions.

Information security architecture consulting can be carried out from several different perspectives, for example:

  • Overall architecture design
  • Infrastructure and network architecture design
  • Application architecture design
  • Various cloud and hybrid models
  • Integration architecture design
  • Solution architecture design

The aim is that the architecture to be designed for the customer is made secure and that it continues to be secure in the future too. The work is always scaled according to the customer’s needs in which case an appropriate solution is obtained for the customer’s specific needs.

During consultation, our information security architects actively participate in the design of the architecture and technical solutions as part of the customer’s own team. Our work is based on our information security consultants strong, certified expertise and the industry’s best practices. Work can be structured according to needs, and work is typically carried out in a workshop manner in several parts.

We also help our customers, for example, during the procurement phase of a solution in the specification of information security requirements in which case the customer is assisted in finding an appropriate solution in terms of their own information security needs.

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