Information security architecture review

We help our customers in assessment and further development the information security of existing architecture. In connection with the review, the most important operating procedures as well as administrative and technical controls are reviewed. The aim is for the customer’s architecture to be built to be information secure and to remain secure in the future.

Architectures can be reviewed at several different levels

  • Total architecture reviews
  • Infrastructure and network architecture review
  • Application architecture review
  • Cloud and hybrid model reviews
  • Review of integration architecture
  • Solution architecture review

During the review, our information security architects will assess the existing entity or the entity that is being developed. The review allows our customers to ensure that the architecture has considered information security to the scope required by the business environment. The review allows us to, for example, assess the architecture plan prepared by a supplier from an information security perspective. A comprehensive report is always prepared for the review, which includes clear development suggestions.

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