ISO 27001 – International information security management system

ISO 27001 standard is an information security management system, which is used globally. We help our customers develop their information security management system to meet the requirements of the standard and carry out the internal audits required by the standard.

The purpose of the internal audit is to find the shortcomings of the management system as well as provide a roadmap for the development of the shortcomings before the actual ISO 27001 certification. In addition, the customer will receive a statement which can be used to verify that a third party has audited the organization’s information security. The statement can be utilized, for example, for verifying information security to clients.

ISO 27001 certification is applied for separately after the audit and it is issued by an accredited certification body. The recently launched ISO 27701 certification that focuses on data protection can also be easily implemented in connection with the certification.

What are the steps in the ISO 27001 process?

    1. The initial situation is clarified by means of preliminary interview.
    2. During gap analysis, the current situation is analysed
    3. During the development phase, we help the customer to develop any information security shortcomings
    4. During the internal audit, the conformity of the customer’s information security system is verified
    5. ISO 27001 certification by an accredited certification body
    6. Regular internal audits are used to ensure that the information security management system is constantly developed and that it continues to conform with the requirements of the standard
    7. After certification, the certifying body shall monitor the implementation of the certificate by means of audits

How does business benefit from certification?

The business-specific benefits provided to the company by the introduction of the ISO 27001 standard are far-reaching, from business requirements to competitive advantage.

Globally operating companies benefit from the standard due to its internationality since the framework is easy to use to prove that information security management is in place, for example, in negotiations or when participating in tenders. The Europe-wide GDPR has also increased the benefits of the standard and its supplementing ISO 27701 for companies since it can be used to easily prove that the company meets the GDPR requirements.

The standard can also be used to prove and verify that the company manages its information security and applies best practices. In this case, it is easier to communicate about information security to all stakeholder groups, such as customers, shareholders, the management team and personnel. In contract negotiations, a framework provides competitive advantage which shouldn’t be forgotten either.

The implementation of the standard is therefore justified in terms of both information security and the development of business operations. We are happy to tell you more about the process, how it progresses and what its benefits are for your company.

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