Phishing and various scam messages have become significantly more common and they are constantly becoming more sophisticated. Phishing can be difficult to differentiate from genuine situations, and while in a hurry, an employee may take the bait.

The phishing project simulates these situations by implementing a customer-tailored phishing campaign, which is agreed together with the customer. The campaign is used to map and improve the information security awareness of the customer’s personnel.

Benefits of a simulated phishing attack

  • Provides comprehensive information about the organization’s information security awareness and the maturity level of information security
  • Can be targeted to specific parts of the organization
  • Reveals human vulnerabilities in information security
  • Helps focus information security training on the right subjects
  • Long-term implementation helps monitor and develop the organization’s information security awareness and maturity level of information security

The phishing campaign is always planned together with the customer, so that it will answer the customer’s  unique needs. The target group, topic, schedule and level of difficulty  can always be adapted according to the customer’s needs. For many customers, we also implement various follow-up campaigns to monitor the organization’s learning and, if necessary, to target training more precisely.

How will a simulated phishing campaign help your organization?